Saturday, January 21, 2006

కూపర్‌ రివర్‌ బ్రిడ్జ్‌ అనబడే Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge

An article in Wikipedia says, "Charleston’s new bridge over the Cooper River is a cable-stayed suspension design with two diamond-shaped towers, each soaring to a height of 575 feet (175 m). The total length of the structure is 13,200 feet (4.0 km), with the main span stretching 1546 feet (471 m) between the towers. 128 individual cables anchored to the inside of the diamond towers suspend the deck 186 feet (57 m) above the river. The roadway consists of eight 12-foot lanes, four in each direction. A campaign by locals eventually led to the addition of a 12-foot bicycle and pedestrian path to the design, which runs along the entire south edge of the bridge overlooking Charleston Harbor. The bridge superstructure is constructed to withstand shipping accidents and the natural disasters that have plagued Charleston’s history. The span was designed to endure wind gusts in excess of 300mph, far stronger than those of the state’s worst hurricane, Hugo (1989). Engineers also had to be mindful of the 1886 earthquake that nearly leveled Charleston. The Ravenel Bridge can withstand an earthquake to approximately 7.4 on the Richter scale without total failure. "

సఖియా వివరించవే.. సఖియా వివరించవే..వగలెరిగిన చెలునికి నా కథ..సఖియా వివరించవే..(నర్తనశాల)..వింటూ


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